Tips for Travelers

Terms of payment: Payments are to be made in cash in local currency (Uzbek Soum). However, US dollars are a generally accepted means of payment. At The National Bank of Uzbekistan you may withdraw cash on your Visa Card.

Registration: We suggest that you stay in a licensed hotel/B&B/guesthouse. They pay taxes, contribute to the economy, conform to standards, attend training seminars and further more they supply you with a registration form, which will spare you the trip to the local OVIR (Offices of Visa and Registration). When boarding a flight or leaving the country, you may be required to show these forms

Cuisine: Plov/Osh is one the most popular dishes of Uzbek cuisine. Do not forget to try it

Water: Tap water is not safe to drink, mineral water is available almost everywhere.

Language: State language is Uzbek. Other widely spoken languages are Russian, Tadjik* (*in Bukhara and Samarkand) and increasingly English, German and French by tourism services providers

Religion: Muslim Majority, Russian orthodox and other minorities enjoying full freedom.

Dress: You may wear what you want, the citizens of Uzbekistan are extremely tolerant. They themselves dress well, and your doing likewise will be highly appreciated. Know that shoes are taken off before entering a private home and mosques so also bring shoes without laces. In Tashkent you will see the latest fashion of Europe worn in the street next to traditional dress. However, when visiting religious places, do avoid shorts and short skirts. Thank you.

Climate: The climate of Uzbekistan is extremely continental with a great number of sunny days. Average monthly temperature in January is from +10 to +3deg C. Summer is hotter. Average temperature varies from +35 to +45deg C. Auturm is cooler and is the season when delicious fruits and vegetables are in abundance in numerous bazaars(markets). Average annual temperature is +15deg C.

Time: Winter +5 hours GMT, Summer +4hours GMT

Electricity: 220v, 50Hz.AC.2pin plugs

Finally TIPS: Tipping is happily accepted by locals/guides/drivers (rule of thumb: 10-15%).