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Taking this opportunity I would like to invite all of you to delve into the oriental life you have been dreaming of. As always you will find our prices are very competitive, our main motivation being to offer the very best value for money possible. We look forward to the opportunity of being of service to you

Yours faithfully, Komil Kadirov, Manager

This time round we have heard from several European travel agencies and tour operators that they have made a stance, that they are going to come to Uzbekistan, that they are going to bring visitors who have longed for the splendors of The Great Silk Road for too long. On behalf of all those who here in Uzbekistan await you with famous Central Asian hospitality I want to say, come, do come, experience the country that is like no other, where strong cultural ties bind a diversity of people and peoples together and many ancient traditions are still lived come…and have a marvelous interesting and exiting time.

Sincerely, Andrea Leuenberger

Editor-in-Chief Discovery Central Asia Magazine from Switzerland